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Parking Lots, or Lots of Parks?

Although I feel completely unqualified to make this comparison, I think I’ll piggyback on Samantha’s Austin/New York analogy idea and say that Central Park is to New York City as Zilker Park is to Austin. Granted, I’ve never lived in NYC, but it’s at least the same general idea. Right?

In my estimation, green spaces are a commodity that too few of us stop to really appreciate. Can you imagine living in a concrete jungle every day of your life and not having a park, river or garden to stroll along? On the UT campus, think of the South Mall. Even today, December 2, I sat there and ate my lunch with 30-40 other students. People love being able to relax under the shade of a Spanish Oak or soak up the rays on the cool grass (although, to be honest, it’s more like hay now).

My little town of Beaver, Pa. was laid out on a grid by the founders. The centerpiece of the town? Four parks. And the perimeter of the town (at the time, although now it has expanded) was dotted by a park at each corner, as well. The quaintness of this was ruined for me when I arrived at soccer conditioning in high school and we were required to run “the four parks” (2.2 miles), as they were known, all day long.

Below is a “greatest hits” of sorts of Zilker Park in Austin, produced by Laurel Stalla. Enjoy!



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