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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008 Redux

Though Jane previewed this fabulous fest, it is now time to review it! This was my first year at the Fun Fun Fun Fest, and I can honestly add it to my list of reasons why I love Austin. I did a vlog about it, so that is forthcoming, but I wanted to briefly mention some bands I loved so I could link to them:  Bishop Allen on day one were fantastic, and the lead singer reminded me of Paul Simon, which is always a plus; The National on the first day blew me away, and it was especially moving that this was their last live show for a while; day two was dominated in my heart and mind by the Delware-ians, The Spinto Band – AMAZING, people; St. Vincent was the rockin’est female guitarist that I saw the entire festival; and finally, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were energetic, great musicians and a ton of fun.

Now watch as I embarass myself with my sad, sad editing skillz. *NOTE* that Tim Barry from the Revival Tour does use profanity in his short segment, so when I introduce that in the video, you are welcome to fast forward through that part if it offends you. I just couldn’t leave it out, because I loved what he was saying!



Oh, the weather outside is. . .alright.

Expect an incredible update from me on Tuesday all about the Fun Fun Fun Fest and why I love it so. Tonight, because the fest is only halfway through, I am going to focus on a main feature of all music fests in Austin:  the weather.

Austin weather is super unpredictable. Sometimes it will be clear blue skies, but raining by the afternoon. At other times, a random cold front will push in and chill you to the bone in your I-thought-it-was-warm shorts. For some, this unpredictability is something they hate about Austin.

For me, I love this. I love that, as late as November, when Frank Smith played at 1:35pm, I was sweating and toasty in jeans and a button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, whereas by 8:50pm, when The National‘s stage difficulties were over and they came on to play their last show for “a long, long time” (according to the band,) my friend and I had already run back to the car to grab our jackets and huddle for warmth.

I love random rainstorms in the middle of the day.

I love how gorgeous a majority of Austin days are.

I do sometimes wish it was cooler a little longer (as I do love cold weather,) but ultimately, I love Austin weather just as it is, in all of its unpredictable glory. I type this even after shivering all of the way back to the car after the fest this evening. I even like the fact that I am caked in dust from Waterloo Park – it makes me feel like I take a part of the festival experience home. (Yes, I did even feel that way after my first ever ACL experience in Dust Bowl ’05.) Call me optimistic, but I love our weather!

Rock on this weekend, Austin.



Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008

It’s the beginning of the Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend! Starting at 12pm Saturday, the fun continues on until Sunday. There are going to be 4 stages each day, filled with indie, dance, punk, rock, comedy and more.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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It’s going to be at Waterloo Park and you can still buy tickets at the entrance on Trinity and 12th and 15th starting at 11am.
If you people aren’t as broke as I am after paying rent this week, you should definitely go.

This is why Austin is the live music capitol of America. I love it!

To get more info about the festival, go to their website
or click on the link below to watch videos or listen to mp3s of the participating bands.
Audio, Video & More of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008


I know this has nothing to do with this post but
have you guys seen the latest stats on our blog?
Somebody apparently searched for “yucky teeth” and found our blog.
Now, how on earth are we associated with this??
Whoever has that tag on their blog, ‘fess up.
I just thought it was hilarious. Of all the ways we’re trying to attract traffic..
yucky teeth did it for us.

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