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Nestled in the heart of Texas, Austin is home to around 743,074 people.  The city, the fourth largest in Texas, is also one of the fastest growing in the country.  This is one of the things I LOVE about this city – it is the perfect size!  I love that Austin is clearly a city, but that I don’t feel overwhelmed by it.  It has all the conveniences of city life, but boasts lots of parks and greenery for outdoor activities.  I have no trouble giving people directions – which is a feat for me in and of itself.  Basically, for me Austin is the perfect place to be, a great middle ground between my small town upbringing and the city I always longed for.

Town Lake

Town Lake

— Brittany


Oh, Kerbey

Ok, so we all know that Kerbey Lane is an Austin staple, famous for it’s queso and monster pancakes. The relaxed, homey feel of the restaurants and the um…interesting staff make Kerbey right at home in our city. I spent many a late night last year at Kerbey after shows and football games – the turkey avacado quesadilla is delicious.

That said, I have to go on a little rant about the new north location, which moved a little way up Highway 183 on August 21 — in a strip mall! This new Kerbey looks like a generic restaurant inside. There are no tell tale signs of the cool place it used to be. The old location was small, older and had interesting wall art. The new one has stucco walls with run-of-the-mill cheap art. If it weren’t for the sign, I’d never know it was a Kerbey at all.

New Kerbey Lane location

New Kerbey Lane location

Apparently my views are shared by several other people who have been to this new location and missed the flare of the old Kerbey. To read more reader reviews about the new Kerbey Lane location, read this Statesman article.

We Got Spirit

Ok, so obviously the current election is my muse for this post. The record-setting turnout for this election here in Austin, particularly among the 18-24 age set, is very exciting. It is also one of the things I LOVE about Austin – we’ve got spirit, people! We get excited about what’s going on, whether it be a football game or presidential election. I love the sense of enthusiam around the city during major events, and even more the fact that the people of Austin get so into it. I know there are many watch parties around the city at bars, restaurants and people’s homes. Have fun, everyone!


Voters line up at the Co-Op on Guadalupe (Photo-Laura Skelding, Ausitn American Statesman)

Voters line up at the Co-Op on Guadalupe (Photo-Laura Skelding, Austin American Statesman)

Texas Fight

Ok, this post is a little difficult considering the loss Tech just dealt our football team. But I am not a fair weather fan, and I still LOVE Texas football. So, I will press on…

I will admit to choosing to come to Texas partially because of it’s football team. My parents pushed for me to go to UTSA, and when I said no they asked, “What does UT have that UTSA doesn’t?” “The Longhorns,” I replied, and I was very serious. Coming from a small Texas town, football has always been important to me. I had a boyfriend and lots of friends on the team. There was nothing else going on Friday nights in the fall. So, the awesomeness of the Longhorn football program definitely appealed to me.

There is nothing like Darrell K. Royal Stadium on a game day. Thousands of UT fans in one place – it’s a beautiful thing. I have been to games we have won and games we have lost, and I feel like the fans never quit. UT football is always UT football, win or lose. It’s one of the many amazing things about the university that is brought out during football games.

So as difficult as the loss to #7 Tech was to swallow, I rooted for you to the bitter end Texas football players and still love ya’ll!

— Brittany

Comm School Love

Ok, so it’s time for a little love. I will admit that, being from a small town where I graduated with 130 seniors, getting used to UT was hard. I felt so lost at first – a veritable small fish in a big sea. My freshman year was full of doubts, wondering if I had chosen the right school, if maybe coming to a place so big was a mistake. But it didn’t take long for me to realize I was exactly where I needed to be – and to fall in LOVE with the UT Comm School.

The Comm school here is really amazing. We have The Daily Texan, one of the nation’s top rated newspapers. There is also TSTV, one of the few FCC licensed student-run TV stations. We have an incomparable faculty, including my personal favorite Mr. Michael Whitney, a lecturer and J315 professor who worked as a producer for 60 Minutes and has won over 20 Emmy awards for segments he has produced. I have had a few great teachers, but he was the best!

I feel great belonging to a school ranked top in the nation for what it does. As a journalism major, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be!

Not Everyone’s Live Music Capital

Austin is indeed called the “Live Music Captial of the World”, but I have noticed that this “Capital” lately doesn’t seem to include any of the bands I want to see. I HATE that these bands don’t seem to come to Austin. I almost invariably have to drive to San Antonio (usually to the White Rabbit) to catch shows. It’s an 83-mile, hour and a half drive that usually leaves me a little groggy and in less than a mood to stand for 3 hours during a concert. Meanwhile other Austinites are getting to drive less than 10 minutes to venues like Emo’s and Antone’s to catch their fave bands. (Might I add I have both been to and loved both of these venues!)

Photo By: Kristian Arcos

The drive paid off for me Friday, though. I caught one of my fave bands, Emmure, on the Cleansing the Nation Tour with Suicide Silence, Beneath the Massacre, After the Burial and Architects. As usual, Emmure put on a great show – they are SO great live. AND – I got to take a picture with lead singer Frankie Palmeri, which kind of made my week. For other Austinites who enjoy the same scene I do, if you also HATE that you can’t see the bands you love, I do recommend the drive down to the White Rabbit. It’s long yes, but it’s a great venue.

But what would really make me happy is if bands like Emmure (and Ligeia and Winds of Plague and other awesome metal and hardcore bands) would come play in Austin!

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