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The Birds.

Watch this crazy video shot in front of a Petsmart in Austin first.

Need I say more?

Austin has these huge hordes of crows that hang out in big parking lots. The H.E.B. on Riverside is a hot spot for them, as well as the parking lots of Barton Creek and Highland Mall.

Bird flock in front of Barton Creek Mall in Austin. -photo by ThatWouldBeSeven

Bird flock in front of Barton Creek Mall in Austin. -photo by ThatWouldBeSeven

Sometimes you’ll pass an electric wire that seems unusually thick.. and then realize it’s because birds are sitting on them so densely that they form a continuous thick line.

They freak me out because it reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock‘s horror movie called The Birds where masses of birds just suddenly start attacking the people.

Original poster of The Birds.

Original poster of The Birds.

Plus, they are so LOUD. AND they POOP A LOT too.

I once parked under a tree, foolishly congratulating myself for the good luck of being able to park in the shade… and when I returned to my car it was so coated with bird crap to the point that it was almost unrecognizable.
Ugh!!!! I still shudder at the memory of having to scrape of the bird crap on my door handle with a business card just so I could get it open.

It was so disgusting.



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