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Prop 2

In an attempt to ban tax subsidies for retail developments like The Domain, proposition 2 was put before Austin voters asking them to determine, in essence, the direction that Austin business will go. Voters for the proposition were largely seen as pro-local business, whereas those who were against it highlighted the “broken promises” and financial burden placed on all Austinites if it were to pass.

According to, the prop appears to be headed for a narrow defeat. Put in a little better English, journalist Katie Humphrey writes:

Proposition 2, if approved, would prohibit the city from giving tax incentives to retail developments. It also forces the city to stop payments for existing projects, such as the Domain. If it fails, the city will still be able to make payments to the Domain and offer tax incentives to future retail projects.

The group Stop Domain Subsidies gathered signatures to get the proposition on the ballot. Stay tuned for a final decision tomorrow morning. Maybe Austin doesn’t want to be that weird?



We Got Spirit

Ok, so obviously the current election is my muse for this post. The record-setting turnout for this election here in Austin, particularly among the 18-24 age set, is very exciting. It is also one of the things I LOVE about Austin – we’ve got spirit, people! We get excited about what’s going on, whether it be a football game or presidential election. I love the sense of enthusiam around the city during major events, and even more the fact that the people of Austin get so into it. I know there are many watch parties around the city at bars, restaurants and people’s homes. Have fun, everyone!


Voters line up at the Co-Op on Guadalupe (Photo-Laura Skelding, Ausitn American Statesman)

Voters line up at the Co-Op on Guadalupe (Photo-Laura Skelding, Austin American Statesman)

Election Fever!

As today is quite possibly the single most important day in our lives, I felt it necessary to address the awesomeness that has been “Election Fever” this year, specifically at The University of Texas at Austin.  Now, some may be sick of all of the political rhetoric that has dominated our lives the past few months, and truthfully, there have been days where I’ve just wanted to shut it all out and take two deep breaths before jumping back in again. However, it all culminates tonight, and the anticipation was electric today on campus.

The UT Shuttle buses included on their moving marquee both the name of the bus, as well as a “Vote Today” call to action that made me smile.  One of my fellow bus-riders was wearing an Obama “Change We Can Believe In” shirt, and many more supporters of both sides could be spotted on my walk to class.  And, perhaps my favorite:  UT’s award-winning student newspaper, The Daily Texan, suggested snacks that students could make at their result-watching parties. Barack-olate Chip Cookies. I laughed OUT LOUD, people.

Tonight, students of every party affiliation will be spending time together in front of a television or computer screen, watching as votes are counted and the mystery of our next president is revealed. One of my journalism classes will be tweeting the results, so feel free to check in on that to get a peek inside the minds of young America (hopefully that is not too scary of a thought!)

Thank you, UT community, for being excited about this, and making it really feel like the unprecedented event that it is.


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