Getting Greener All The Time

Travis County went green on October 28th, when the Commissioners Court voted to adopt a new Travis County Green Initiative. According to commissioner Sarah Eckhardt the initiative would:

“…Promote the principles of energy conservation, zero waste, efficient use of water and other natural resources, and move toward a carbon neutral County government…a Green Initiative would likely strengthen the market for green building, recycling, waste minimization technology, and low impact development.”

Turbines on a wind farm near Fluvanna Texas. (credit fieldsbh

Turbines on a wind farm near Fluvanna Texas. (credit fieldsbh an environmental news and commentary website lists Austin as #15 of the 15 greenest city in the world out of

The Green Guide’s  “The Top 10 Green Cities in the U.S. for 2006” listed Austin as #2 out of 10.’s City Guides: The 10 Greenest Cities in America listed Austin as #1.

We live in one of the greenest cities in nation and world. Austinites, are more in touch and aware of their impact on the planet than others, and do something about it in all areas of there life. It’s not just the people who live here who contribute in there homes that make the city green, it’s also the companies who make an effort to reduce emissions and recycle, as well as laws the city passes making sure that standards and continuous efforts are made to keep Austin green.

Austin Energy’s Green Choice Program is #1 in the industry. The program uses renewable alternatives (wind power) to provide efficient, low-cost electricity.

There is the Austin Climate Protection Plan, which intends to make all facilities, fleets and operations carbon-neutral by 2020, and 100% of city facilities powered by renewable energy by 2012. There will also be CO2 caps and reduction plans for all utility emissions making both residential and commercial building codes the most energy-efficient in the nation. They plan to achieve this by making all new single-family homes “zero net-energy capable” (meaning they could produce as much energy as they use) by 2015.

The Clean Energy Incubator, created by the National Renewable Energy Lab and managed by the University of Texas at Austin, works closely with power utility and serves as a test bed for startup companies to develop green technologies.

If you want to contribute to keeping Austin Green, volunteer at a local non-profit supporting the cause like Keep Austin Beautiful (KAB).



2 Responses to “Getting Greener All The Time”

  1. 1 Caitlin W November 4, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    I love this about Austin, too, although we can definitely do better, and the strike is going to be a barrier from some people to remain green in terms of traveling – hopefully it will just encourage car pools. I wish we had more trams, as well as better bike lanes. I LOVED riding my bike when I was living in Germany last semester, and now I never do, because I don’t feel that it’s as safe.

  2. 2 Jane Kim November 4, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    I knew Austin was a green city, but I didn’t know it ranked that high. That’s awesome. I still think it can improve in the recycling area though. In Korea, recycling is mandatory. You actually pay fines if you don’t recycle. And they rarely use disposable products.

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