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Texas Fight

Ok, this post is a little difficult considering the loss Tech just dealt our football team. But I am not a fair weather fan, and I still LOVE Texas football. So, I will press on…

I will admit to choosing to come to Texas partially because of it’s football team. My parents pushed for me to go to UTSA, and when I said no they asked, “What does UT have that UTSA doesn’t?” “The Longhorns,” I replied, and I was very serious. Coming from a small Texas town, football has always been important to me. I had a boyfriend and lots of friends on the team. There was nothing else going on Friday nights in the fall. So, the awesomeness of the Longhorn football program definitely appealed to me.

There is nothing like Darrell K. Royal Stadium on a game day. Thousands of UT fans in one place – it’s a beautiful thing. I have been to games we have won and games we have lost, and I feel like the fans never quit. UT football is always UT football, win or lose. It’s one of the many amazing things about the university that is brought out during football games.

So as difficult as the loss to #7 Tech was to swallow, I rooted for you to the bitter end Texas football players and still love ya’ll!

— Brittany


Bright lights, big city.

I could gush about this topic forever and ever, so I will try to contain my love for Austin at night.  There is something magical about the twinkling lights of the city, and as you drive south on I-35 into the city, the Frost Bank Tower will act as your super-modern beacon to Austin night life.

The capitol at night. (Photo by Caitlin Wittlif.)

The capitol at night. (Photo by Caitlin Wittlif.)

Even if you aren’t one for bars or clubs, you can wander the streets and marvel at the architecture and lighting.  Get a group of friends and drive around the streets with the music blaring, and take pictures as you go – the effect of the blurry stripes of red, yellow, green, and blue filling up your camera screen will mesmerize you.

Or head on over to the capitol! The lawns are prime spots for reliving childhood – a roll down one of the hills is something every Austinite should experience, and when you’re cloaked in the night, the only laughter you’ll hear is your own.

Another great spot at night in the city is the lake. As I am focusing on the Austin night lights, you should know that the lake becomes a wonderful mirrored sheet that sparkles and shimmers, competing with the sky for your rapt attention.

Our fabulous skyline is just that much more glorious in the dark. Get out there and enjoy it, Austin!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!
I hope all you guys had fun.
Mine started out as a very well-planned night, as I was supposed to party early, get some great pictures while everybody is not stupidly drunk, come home by 11pm, and write a great post about Halloween before midnight. I was very responsible (only 2 shots) and it would’ve gone as planned, except for two things:
I forgot drunk people are time wasters,
and second, I underestimated the lure of sixth street.

I partied a little at my friends’ house, got awesome pictures, and was ready to go home. Then I had the brilliant idea of dropping off my friends downtown, so that they wouldn’t have to drive when they were drunk. Of course, just getting them together so that we could leave took a while since they’re all slightly intoxicated and excited, and running off in different directions. Then after we left, we got stuck in the god-awful traffic Caitlin was talking about. By the time we got downtown, it was already past 1am and I was like, well, it’s already past midnight so my post is late already, might as well stick around downtown and get even more awesome photos to compensate for it.

hmm.. was I sane when i was thinking this?? I don’t know. I probably was just unable to turn away from temptation.. but, what the hell. Halloween only comes once a year. I deserve to enjoy it goddammit! (no, no, I’m just kidding.. I’m really sorry my post is late..)

Anyway, so I hung out downtown for a while (which was awesomely fun!!). Austin’s Halloween is so much fun. I love it. Halloween isn’t really a big thing in Korea, so I was amazed at how many people were in costumes the first time I got here. I’ve never been anywhere else in the U.S. so I don’t know if Austin’s Halloween is special or not, but for me it’s amazing. And plus, another thing I love about Austin is that the people are so friendly. In Korea, you never talk to strangers unless you’re a little tipsy in the mental area. But in Austin, random people just say hi and start talking to you. I was a little creeped out at first, but now I think it’s awesome. It’s what made Halloween more fun, because everybody was hanging out together, and I met a lot of great people.

I left my friends around 2am, and got home by 3am (traffic, plus I live way South), and was just about to sit down and blog, when I got THE phone call.

“umph…. jane.. jane!!! where am i.. mm… i think i missed the last bus.. where is everybody.. (thump)”


So I had to go back and rescue my friend, praying oh so hard that he would not puke or pass out in my car (because I was definitely not going to carry him up three flights of stairs to his apartment), and I finally got home and I am writing my post now.

I have great pictures, but i will add them to my post tomorrow, because I am totally beat right now..
But I hope everyone had fun too, and I look forward to hearing about your Halloweens too!

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